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Expocord Expands into Organic Social.

Goodbye low engagement, in-house management costs, and confusing bots. Welcome to die-hard customers, increased revenue, and real-time feedback.

Expocord Community


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1. Dedicated Team

We stay lean to develop a personal connection with your audience. Expect a team of one community lead paired with several assistant managers as needed.

2. Engaging Activations

We assemble a fully tailored engagement plan to activate your community. Whether it's weekly competitions, daily polls, or live events - we do it all.

3. Feedback Collection

Collecting user feedback is essential for product improvements. We collect the rundown on what your users want weekly so you can make the changes faster.

4. Weekly Reporting

We keep you updated on KPIs, user sentiment, and other relevant info weekly. We want you to feel connected with your community at all times.

5. 24/7 Moderation

Using our global network of moderators and custom automation systems, we're able to keep your server safe and responsive every hour of the day.

6. Continuous Optimization

We're constantly improving the user experience, feeling, and safety of your server. Expect daily and weekly tweaks to optimize members' experiences.

Discord Done


We're as close to in-house as an agency can be. We build custom engagement plans, coordinate cross-platform activations with your team, and moderate seven days a week to ensure your community stays vibrant around the clock.

Now Let’s Talk


average increase in new member retention after the first week


average increase in new communicators after the first week


of our servers report an increase in organic growth after the first week

How We Operate

We're an extension of your current squad, not another one to worry about. We put a concerted focus into updating and meeting with your existing team for the latest and greatest.

Our Steps

to Success

Discovery Call


Join Expocord's Community Director for a demo & discovery call. We'll show you more about us, learn about your goals, and discuss other relevant details.

Free Audit & Proposal


Using the info from our discovery call, we'll provide you with a fully custom-tailored proposal for free. You get an in-depth report of what's working, what's not, and our plans to make your dream community a reality.



If our proposal is accepted, we'll onboard you and get to work right away. We'll do everything possible to achieve what we showed you and more. Our benchmark is overachieving, which is why we only have five-star reviews on our Clutch.

Results, Rinse, Optimize


As the results roll in, we focus on testing new strategies to further strengthen your community so your team can focus on all the new business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics & analytics does Expocord use to track its efforts?

We use a variety of metrics from Discord's server analytics page such as member retention, weekly communicators, and total messages sent. It should be noted that these numbers do not reflect all the positive changes we make (such as server ambiance, discovery optimization, channel restructuring, and response times).

Can Expocord grow our server to ______ amount of members?

Expocord is a community management agency dedicated to driving engagement, brand loyalty, and organic growth. We cannot guarantee certain member counts, but we can confidently say that vibrant servers and increased growth rates normally come hand-in-hand.

Does Expocord offer packages for moderation & server creation?

Yes! If you're looking to just keep your server safe & positive 24/7, reference our moderation page. If you don't need our management services but need help creating & optimizing your server, reference our creation page.

What are the pricing packages available and are they customizable?

All of our Discord management solutions are fully tailored to each individual server. To receive a free audit and service proposal, please get in touch with our team here.

Recent Work

Dirty Sockers Banner - Expcoord

Explore Case →

Dirty Sockers

roadmap curation

community management

In collaboration with, Dirty Sockers is an NFT Project by W3. We led their Discord community to help capture $70,000 in revenue for their Lucky Socker Mint Week.


user retention increase


members managed 

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