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Discord is not like any other social platform. Low engagement, limited technical skills, and high resource expenditure discourage businesses from building their best communities. We're here to change that.

Building the
on Discord

Expocord is the premier agency dedicated exclusively to Discord communities. We create, manage, and operate state-of-the-art Discord servers that turn audiences into superfans.

Discord is not like any other social platform.

Low engagement, limited technical skills, and high resource expenditure discourage businesses from building their best communities.

We're here to help.

We Build the Strongest
Communities on the Internet

Expocord is the premier agency dedicated exclusively to Discord communities. We create, manage, and operate state-of-the-art Discord servers that turn audiences into superfans.

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Our full-service solution to keeping your community engaging and safe 24/7. We build custom activations, coordinate efforts with your team, and continuously optimize for success. 

We work with your team to develop custom engagement plans to activate your community members. From one-time events to weekly activities, we bring out the most from your audience.


Keep us in your back pocket to ensure your community stays secure and efficient. We set up new roles & channels, technically optimize your server, and provide one-on-one support to your team.


We work with your team to build a scalable community where your brand's superfans unite. We handle the complete setup of the server - channels, settings, onboarding, and discovery.



We're Discord experts and it's all we do. Discover how we elevate communities through comprehensive management, strategic engagement plans, and beyond.

We aid game studios and publishers in crafting exceptional player communities. We collect feedback, generate pre-launch traction, and cultivate devoted followers.

We help solo artists and record labels build engaged communities of superfans. We drive merchandise sales, promote new music, and gather insightful feedback.


We collaborate with entertainment companies to bring podcasts, shows, and movies onto Discord. We focus on engagement, interaction, and building hype for new releases.


We help SaaS companies build, grow, and amplify their brand through Discord. We put a concerted focus on driving paid conversions, amplifying brand voice, and building trust.


We help education companies foster interactive community hubs, facilitate real-time discussions, and provide personalized support to enhance the student experience.


We aid technology companies in creating a following centered around their mission. With a focus on live sessions, feedback, and testing, we build genuine connections with users.


We assist Crypto & NFT projects in creating devoted followings for their project. From verification to engagement strategy, we build communities members want to be a part of. 



Discover how we can support various industries in achieving specific objectives on Discord. Whether it's building pre-launch traction for games or driving paid conversions for SaaS products, we're dedicated to empowering your business's success.

Recent Work

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Dirty Sockers 🡭

roadmap curation

community management

In collaboration with, Dirty Sockers is an NFT Project by W3. We led their Discord community to help capture $70,000 in revenue for their Lucky Socker Mint Week.


user retention increase


members managed 

We build communities

 that captivate.

We are passionate about building the strongest communities on Discord. Tell us about your brand and what you want to achieve, and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can help you grow.

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Who We Are

In a time when personalized interactions are the foundation for audience relationships, traditional social channels aren't enough anymore. Discord has become an essential platform for brands to communicate with, build, and grow a die-hard loyal user base. Using our experience managing Discord communities since 2017 and a network of 18 team members across the globe, we help brands create the strongest digital communities in the world.

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