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Expocord Expands into Organic Social.

Building Thriving Communities Using Innovative Social Strategies 

A global social media marketing agency dedicated to cultivating the strongest audience relationships on the internet.


The world runs on social. Your presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Discord defines your brand's future.

We're a team of unrelenting social winners. Never satisfied, always pushing for more. We take a full-funnel approach to attract, nurture, and convert leads from social media into raving repeat customers. This is data-driven full-stack social executed perfectly.


Social Media

Without a comprehensive strategy of the why's and how's, you're shooting into a social abyss. We dive deep into understanding your product, footprint, and competitors to define your brand's unique voice and approach. Strategy includes editorial content calendars, platform selection, posting frequency and content ideation.


Social Media

Managing and analyzing several social media accounts is time-consuming and unforgiving. Let us take over to optimize your presence daily while sending you all the important info. Management includes daily platform and profile optimization, user feedback and sentiment collection, data insights and reporting, and weekly update calls.



Communities are the backbone of every brand's long-term success. A thriving community retains, spends, and grows more. Community management includes content moderation, product updates, feedback collection, and brand engagement to help personify your business and strengthen audience relationships.



Having diverse and engaging content has never been more important for social media success. We help brands ideate and produce stunning content that stands out to their core audience. Content can include graphic design and copywriting, video production and editing, and UGC creator management and production.

Featured Projects

Recent Work

Dirty Sockers Banner - Expcoord

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Dirty Sockers 🡭

roadmap curation

community management

In collaboration with, Dirty Sockers is an NFT Project by W3. We led their Discord community to help capture $70,000 in revenue for their Lucky Socker Mint Week.


user retention increase


members managed 

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We Are Today's Social Media Marketing Agency

Expocord is today's social media marketing agency. Founded and run by Gen-Z founders, we uniquely understand content that resonates with today's consumers.

Using "How did you even think of that?" creativity and relentless data-driven optimization, we help companies build thriving social communities that drive attention, revenue, and growth.

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  • Discord
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • X
  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

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